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Malekko Heavy Industry Corporation is a specialty guitar pedal and synthesizer module maker based in Portland, Oregon and proudly produces products made in the USA including the EKKO 616, B:ASSMASTER, DIABOLIK, OMICRON SERIES and WOLFTONE SERIESpedals. 2015 will also see many additions to its Eurorack line.

Malekko is co-owned by entrepreneur Josh Holley and music industry veteran Paul Barker. Paul Barker is a former member of the bands Ministry, Revolting Cocks, Lard, Pailhead, The Blackouts, Lead Into Gold, PTP, Acid Horse and others. As a recording and touring musician and producer, Barker has performed in venues world-wide and brings to the Malekko aesthetic his personal and practical experience in using vintage and new gear onstage and off. Barker co-produced all of Ministry’s albums from “Land of Rape and Honey” through “Animositisomina”, including “Psalm 69″ under the moniker “Hermes Pan” of the Luxa/Pan production team.

Josh Holley is a long-time fan of synthesizers and is extremely knowledgeable on the subject, from vintage to modern instruments. His passion and vision propels development toward new frontiers of audio sculpting devices.

All Malekko products carry the personal stamps of approval of both Josh & Paul- “Superlative”.


Having survived the joys of playing in a band together for a year, in 2006 the two intrepid owners of MALEKKO hit upon the brilliant idea of working together in commerce. Fortunately, they were not living in the same state at that time. This allowed an unencumbered genesis to occur on and around, and I mean all around, a kitchen table. Kitchen tables, being what they are, and the fabulous Barker B:ASSMASTER, being what it is, soon demanded that a new and proper “shop” be acquired for the expanding business. This new space also allowed a certain sanity to settle over the kitchen by shifting the location of the experienced emotional extremes brought on by the now year-old company’s growth. No more smashed crockery, crushed pedals now littered the expansive parking lot, run over in just reward for their insubordination. And this does not include the fates of so many prototypes unable to achieve our high expectations. Too dark and horrible to describe, these pedals’ demise would make every fan of guitar effects wince, shudder and cross themselves. But all was not lost– the Echo 600, soon followed by the Echo 300, met the highest standards for our hand-built pedals and are considered by many to be the best examples of new/old analog delay technology. Merrily constructing pedals, enjoying interactions with dealers and customers, abusing prototypes and ourselves, time marched ceaselessly in it’s inevitability.

A fateful hit on the head forced Josh to blurt out something about obsolete ICs and synthesizer modules and eurorack format and our current designs and feasibility and prototypes and desire and life’s blood and. This mad jumble was unraveled to reveal a sly insight into our future- Synth Modules. So yes, more of the design, test, reject then run over cycle ensued until we settled on one for manufacture: the B:ASSMASTER module. Future MALEKKO modules will undoubtedly follow this efficient procedure.

A “chance” encounter with a Port Wine Cheese Log led us to strange lands in the north and Grant Richter of WIARD SYNTHESIZER COMPANY. Black, esoteric rituals lasting hours and hours ensued in the form of phone calls. After completing other strange customs, Grant was willing to indulge us. The WIARD 1200 series Eurorack modules followed. We continue to build and release classic and new Wiard synth modules with many new, unreleased designs to come.

Maybe it was our newfound love of energy drinks, maybe it was the expectant, all-knowing gaze of the Colonel egging us on, maybe it was the Mr Microphone on the table- (I don’t know how long Josh sat on it before the idea was hatched), but once we heard the prototype, we couldn’t stop aimlessly running around and spastically scratching the ground…the now infamous SPRING CHICKEN was born!

Our seventh year promises more modules, more big little pedals, more visionary designs, more hand-built custom pedals and more happy accidents.

Recognized the world over, we are thankful for the praise MALEKKO receives from players and dealers for our products and customer support.

Malekko 2015