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The Plextortion is a distortion pedal that was originally designed to emulate a “JCM800®” with Celestion Greenbacks (If you think of those great tones from Back in Black era AC/DC, all the way through to (post DLR) Van Halen, Dokken, Ratt, Guns'N'Roses and all those amazing 80's rock “cranked Marshall®” tones). It has a very brown sounding distortion, in a way, quite similar to our Pinnacle pedal.

It differs from the Pinnacle in that it is a tighter distortion, more like pre amp tube distortion where the pinnacle is a bit looser, more like power tube distortion. This difference, although hardly noticeable to your average person, is hugely important when looking for “that” sound, Never before has a pedal given that high gain tone that would appear to be pre-amp driven and power-amp driven.

I've noticed that some guys like play their distortion pedals that emulate Marshall tones THROUGH a Marshall. Let's be honest - I can play a chorus pedal through a Marshall and get a very “Marshally” sounding chorus pedal... In my opinion this isn't a fair or accurate representation of a pedal. Because of this, I record my clips and videos through everyday affordable guitars and amps in order to be as accurate as possible.

Teknik Özellikler :

Taksitli  : 5.242 TL 4.077 TL
Tek Çekim  : 4.987 TL 3.877 TL
Nakit  : 4.714 TL 3.677 TL