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Ürün Kodu :  DIABOLIK

DIABOLIK Justin Meldal-Johnsen Signature fuzz pedal

The Diabolik fuzz pedal is based on the B:Assmaster circuit and while working with Justin on refining it’s signature sound, we tuned it specifically to allow more low end to pass through both the Clean and Fuzz channels. The result is a pedal that ranges from a subtle harmonic fuzz to extreme, mangled low end squash that’s perfect for bass and guitar alike.

It’s three knob design makes for quick and easy dialing. “Fuzz” controls the amount of fuzz, “Clean” controls the amount of dry signal and Squish controls the compression of everything? It also features a preset for crisp octave overtones as well as a very aggressive tone preset.

View Justin’s Diabolik intro video!


Taksitli  : 3.925 TL
Tek Çekim  : 3.721 TL
Nakit  : 3.516 TL