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Get total control over your pedals, rack effects, amp & channel switching and more with the GCX Guitar Audio Switcher. You can use each of the eight loops for true bypass effect switching, A/B switching to select amps and preamps, or to control any type of footswitch function such as amp channel switching.

GCX loops have no active circuitry, and use the finest gold relays sealed in nitrogen, so your tone will stay pure and dynamic no matter what kind or how many effects you use. Combine the GCX Guitar Audio Switcher with a Ground Control Pro to form a complete switching system that has been the touring and recording pro’s choice for over 15 years!

GCX Guitar Audio Switcher Features:

 8 true bypass audio loops

 2 front-to-back feedthroughs

 Choose between buffered and passive inputs

 A/B switching to select amp and preamps

 Controls any footswitch function

 Phantom powers Ground Control Pro via MIDI cable

 Hand built in the U.S.A.

 5-year warranty

Download User Manual

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Taksitli  : 3.220 TL
Tek Çekim  : 3.057 TL
Nakit  : 2.895 TL